The Ministry of Defence vacates the area step by step. In the buildings that become available, pionieers are working together on innovative ideas and projects that promote a sustainable society. The Dutch government and the Municipality of Amsterdam are both involved in the proces of organic development. In this way, the area is slowly transforming into a meaningful and innovative city district.

A great deal of courage is needed to wait for a sturdy foundation to evolve instead of rushing to honour commercial or political promises.

The Government of The Netherlands and the Municipality of Amsterdam have not shied away from this innovative method of collaborating. It involves the very first temporary leaseholders – the pioneers – who can adapt to changing conditions, show initiative, are eager to collaborate, and give themes shape and character. It involves the neighbours and the neighbourhood, who are the first to ensure the project is woven into the tapestry of the city. Last but not least, it involves the Royal Netherlands Navy, which for centuries has contributed to the country’s safety, innovation, and business acumen, thereby establishing the character of this place.

Municipality of Amsterdam

Marineterrein offers an oasis of tranquillity in the bustling city of Amsterdam. Though a protected enclave, it has nevertheless traditionally been a hive of business activity. The municipality would like to preserve this character. Marineterrein is to become a meeting point for the residents of Amsterdam, a place where they can enjoy the peace and quiet, the water, and the panorama over the city. Besides this, it will become a place in which researchers and entrepreneurs from many nations can collaborate as they wish.

For more information, have a look at: Municipality of Amsterdam website

Royal Netherlands Navy

The Royal Netherlands Navy has played an important role in Amsterdam for centuries. Its tasks include defending our seafaring nation, constructing and stocking ships, carrying out intelligence missions and security operations, assisting the Ministry of Defence in recruiting and selection procedures, and organizing congresses.
The Royal Netherlands Navy supports community events on the grounds and in the city, such as the annual arrival of St Nicholas and the Amsterdam City Swim. During visits from dignitaries, the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam functions as a coordinating hub for security operations. At these times, organizational capacities and expertise in the field of security are an asset. In the future, however, support will have to be coordinated from other locations.

The Government of The Netherlands

As the Ministry of Defence must make cutbacks, it has begun to critically assess its property portfolio. Due to the ongoing centralization of defence units, the Ministry of Defence no longer sees the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam as a crucial military location. The vacancy arising from this decision offers a unique opportunity. The area is situated in a beautiful location and has a rich history. For the time being, however, the grounds will remain government-owned property. In the coming ten to fifteen years, the focus will be on provisional leasing, as part of which new users will be approached for properties that become vacant. Only after this time frame has elapsed will buildings be demolished and new ones erected.

For more information, please see: Central Government Real Estate Agencypress release from the Government of The NetherlandsMinistry of Defence

Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam

Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is the organization which steers the area’s organic development. It is an independent organization that is commissioned by the Government of The Netherlands (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Ministry of Defence) and the Municipality of Amsterdam (‘Centrale Stad’ and Centrum district) to work on the future of the grounds.