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[WeMakeThe.City] Amsterdam Sustainable City Challenge

AMS Institute challenges you to come up with innovative solutions for smart mobility and energy saving. Join their 24-hour non-stop pressure cooker event at 16 &17 June at the start of WeMakeThe.City.

Innovate the city in 24-hours

Living, working, doing business and staying in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) is very attractive and more appealing than ever before. As one of Europe’s most important economic areas, the number of residents and activities continue to grow. But to ensure that we keep Amsterdam a clean and healthy city by 2030, we will also need to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, the City of Amsterdam is looking for directions in solutions that could meet the challenges on mobility and energy transition.

The challenges

For mobility challenges you could think of issues such as:

  • How does Amsterdam Region remain an accessible and safe, but also a livable area with clean air and sufficiently attractive public spaces?
  • How can we stimulate less cars in city centers?
  • How can we organize the logistics in the area in a more efficient manner?
  • What could Artificial Intelligence mean for the future of mobility?

For energy transition, which is a process that will involve not only technological but also social innovation and new business models, challenges could be:

  • What will our buildings and neighborhoods look like?
  • How can we make the energy transition inclusive for all groups of society?
  • How can we stimulate innovative ideas, rather than frustrate them with legal barriers?

How to participate in the Amsterdam Sustainable City Challenge?

The Municipality of Amsterdam, specifically the CTO-office and the Climate Neutral program, EIT Climate-KIC and AMS Institute are organizing a 24-hour challenge to generate solution directions for the City’s sustainability challenges. Multidisciplinary teams (predominately students) will spend 24 hours tackling the challenges. A jury of experts with different backgrounds will judge the teams and award cool in-kind prizes. One such prize is the opportunity to pitch your idea for a large audience at numerous WeMakeThe.City festival stages.

Do you have innovative ideas on how to tackle these issues and would you like to develop these ideas further? You are very much welcome to join the 24-hour contest! The contest will start Sunday June 16 12:00h and will conclude June 17 12:00h.

Or are you eager to see what people come up within 24 hours? Please join Monday 10 AM in the two final hours when all teams will present their ideas and a jury will select the winning teams. This is open for anyone, but registration is mandatory because there is limited seating.

Register here to join the Amsterdam Sustainable City Challenge