do 12/07

Summerbase #5



  • Clubhouse Amsterdam
  • Gebouw 027E Kattenburgerstraat 5
  • 1018JA Amsterdam
  • Kaart bekijken


XRBASE and VRDAYS invite you to a night at the immersive museum!
This next upcoming summerbase event will be dedicated to the latest development on the use of immersive media in museums. We’ve invited some inspiring speakers who will share their experience and use cases with you.

What can immersive tech add to the user experience? Do we actually need VR or AR in order to re-design the museum space?

The possibilities are huge and in many ways virtual museums represent the merge of some of the most popular use cases in VR. It entails the learnings from art, design, architecture, education, storytelling, and real estate who all meet in a new fascinating setting.


Michael Couzigou, Directeur | Atelier des Lumières, Paris

Rudolf Romero, Artist, CEO | Alkonost Development

Joris Demnard, CEO & Co-Founder | IkonoSpace

See you next week at our museum night!